traveling shirt


By increasing the number of warp threads, the original high-density denim fabric that does not meet the conventional standards is woven. Since the weft threads are driven to the limit with the power loom, the tension of the cloth will even make the collar stand up. This material can withstand years of hard use can fully enjoy the aging of and fading of Indigo.


The button uses a metal tuck button so as not to lose with the toughness of the fabric. This was thought of thinking of the thread breakage and loosening of the buttons, with the metal tuck button would not cause stress during long trips.


The silhouette that gives more room than the usual UES shirt is designed for ease of movement and for layering depending on the season. It has a functionality similar to between a jacket and a shirt.

Wearing model: 165 cm,65 kg / Wearing size: 1


The chest pocket is designed to be slightly larger than a general shirt to enhance storage capacity. The inner pocket on the left chest is sized to fit a passport. In this inner pocket, in addition to personal data such as name, address, and blood type, a space for writing the itinerary (destination, arrival date, departure date) is provided.


(1) Locker loop: The large loop sewn on the back yoke is for hanging the shirt.

(2)Cuffs: The cuffs are wide so that they can be rolled up easily. The cuff strips are easy to open and close with snap buttons.

(3) Stitch work: 8mm width stitches are used to increase strength. In order to enhance the product's expression, the thick count stitches change the stitch spacing and the color of the sewing thread depending on the sewing location.

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